BrianpStudios | About
BrianpStudios is the source for professional photography, videography, graphics, and designs. We thrive in providing quality images and great customer service.

From tattooing, drawing and music, to art and antiques, Brian brings a specialized perspective and view to media and creativity. Specializing in photography, video and graphics, Brian has been doing nature, portrait, commercial and wedding photography for over several years. With so many years of professional experience, Brian has the eye and know how to produce professional quality work that is beautiful and a work of art in itself. Born and raised in Southern California, Brian has traveled the world and studied abroad for a multitude of years. Brian now runs his own studio in Chino California.

Photography is my passion and it is what I do in life. Capturing the perfect moment to create lasting impressions is what I strive for. Whether I'm photographing my travels, or making beautiful portraits, I visualize and compose how I interpret art.

I love traveling and seeing the world, but I also love being in the studio! I'm happy I get the best of both worlds.